General Questions

  • Q: What are the Village Hall normal hours of operation?

    A: The Village office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please see the schedule for the various Village Boards for meeting times.

Garbage Collection

  • Q: What is the maximum weight for the trash cans or bags?

    A: Garbage leaves or brush should not exceed 50 pounds.

  • Q: Will debris from home owner construction, commercial construction and demolition debris be collected with the regular garbage collection?

    A: No, this type of debris must be collected by a private sanitation company or the homeowner may bring it to the Town of Brookhaven landfill in Yaphank. Please contact the Town of Brookhaven for hours of operation.

  • Q: Will Appliances and Scrap Metal be collected with the regular garbage collection?

    A: No, these items will be picked up separately by the Highway Department. Please see the question below on how to dispose of such items.

  • Q: How do I dispose of Appliances and Scrap Metal?

    A: Scrap Metal and Appliances must be brought to the curb after contacting Village Hall at 585-2000. Items for this special pickup can include, appliances, air conditioners, metal bath tubs, swing sets, water heaters, metal lawn furniture, metal pool frames, auto engines, automobile parts, chain link fences, metal sheds, coiled bed springs, washing machines, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers with doors removed and other similar items.

  • Q: What is the proper disposal of Propane tanks from Barbecue Grills?

    A: These tanks can be brought to any place that sells or services Propane Gas Barbecues.

  • Q: What is the proper method of disposal for Leaves, Branches and Brush?

    A: All Leaves must be bagged and placed at the curb. Loose leaves or those placed in containers will not be picked up. Branches and Brush must be bundled and tied. The bundles must not be greater than 4 feet in length and 50 pounds in weight.

  • Q: When will leaf bags be picked up?

    A: Leaf collection is done in the Fall and the Spring. For Fall 2023 Leaf Pick-Up Schedule, please click on this link.

Real Estate Taxes

  • Q: When are the tax bills for the Village of Lake Grove mailed?

    A: Tax bills are mailed out on May 31 st of each year.

  • Q: When is the tax due?

    A: The tax is due between June1st and July 1 st . The tax must be received by the close of business on July 1 st to avoid a late payment penalty. If July 1 st falls on a weekend, the tax is due by the close of the next business day.

  • Q: Can I pay my tax in person at Village hall?

    A: Yes, stop in at the Village office and indicate to the person at the front desk you would like to pay your property taxes. If your payment is in cash, please bring the exact amount since the Village does not keep cash on hand to make change.

  • Q: When I mail my tax payment, how can I avoid late payment penalties?

    A: In order to avoid late payment penalties, the envelope must have an official Post Office postmark on it by July 1st. Metered postmarks from business postage meters are NOT acceptable as timely proof of mailing.

  • Q: Will I receive a receipt for my Village tax payment?

    A: As a result of a law change, all residents will receive a receipt for the payment of property taxes to the Village whether or not you paid personally or a bank servicing your mortgage paid the tax.

  • Q: What if I think I am eligible for a Veterans or a Senior Citizen Exemption?

    A: Combined TOTAL GROSS income of all owners and spouses cannot exceed $37,399.00 for a Senior Exemption. If you think you are eligible, please call us at Village hall (631) 585-2000 and ask for the Tax Department. You will be asked to provide documentation to the Tax Department for verification of your eligibility.

  • Q: Who do I contact about the STAR Program?

    A: Please direct all inquiries to the Town of Brookhaven Assessors Office (631) 451-9051 relating to the STAR Program.

  • Q: What if my mortgage is completely paid off?

    A: You must let us know so we can update our records. We will then send the tax bill to your home address or the address you provide to us. Please notify us at Village hall (631) 585-2000 and ask for the Tax Department.

  • Q: What if I have a change of address?

    A: Please call us at Village Hall (631) 585-2000 and ask for the Tax Department to provide us with the updated information.