Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As we deal with this pandemic that none of us could have imagined, it is important to remember that we all have an important role in mitigating the duration and severity of what we are going through.

Social distancing is imperative in reducing the amount of those afflicted with COVID-19. It is as important for children as it is for the rest of us. We have closed all Village parks as a precaution after observing people congregating at these locations.  I encourage children to stay active while still observing social distancing. While this may be a difficult concept for the children, it shouldn’t be for parents and grandparents.

What we are witnessing is unprecedented. We must adapt and look out for one another. People are looking for answers and wondering just how bad this will get.  While we can’t accurately answer that, we can help to control the outcome. Media coverage and our leadership have provided us with very good advice; most of which is just common sense. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and keep a distance of at least six feet from those we may be in contact with.

Each person that contracts the virus can infect dozens of others before actually knowing they are a carrier. That could mean a relative with a compromised immune system or our loved ones in their later stages of life.  To them the virus can be very serious and life threatening.

Please help by doing your part and following the guidelines that we all should be aware of at this point.

Also, please remember our local businesses that faithfully serve us through better times. Take-out food is still available at most if not all of our local eateries. We want to help them stay solvent so they will still be there after we beat this nemesis that we are fighting.  Authorities are telling us that we should discard the packaging and wash our hands before eating, but the food should pose no danger.

We will get through this if we work together. To those that have been seriously affected, we as neighbors will stand with you through this difficult time. Lean on us. You will be surprised at just how strong we can be together and we will come out of this even stronger.

God Bless us all.

Robert (Bob) Scottaline, Mayor