Dear Neighbors,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with a group of Webelo Scouts. The topic of the discussion which they came to see me about was single stream recycling.  The timing of the discussion couldn’t have been better. Whether I am driving, walking or jogging though our beautiful Village it is always troubling to see how many people either don’t understand or don’t choose to take the time to recycle properly. The reason the scout leader chose this topic, is she actually has observed the very same thing.

Our meeting was very interesting and a lot of fun. These young scouts are eager to learn and to help educate others on the importance and the ease of single stream recycling. We discussed the savings and the environmental advantages of proper waste disposal.

They learned that when we recycle properly the savings is twofold. Not only do we save on the cost of disposing of the trash if it were to go to the landfill, we actually get paid for it when recycling.  While this peaked their interest a bit, they were also very interested in the environmental benefits of limiting the amount of tonnage going into the landfill.

I hope collectively we can demonstrate to our young people a high level of responsibility when it comes to our finances and respect for the environment. Please join me in doing everything that we can to recycle responsibly. It pays dividends and is the right thing to do.

Robert J. Scottaline