A Word from Lake Grove Mayor Robert Scottaline

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Thank you very much for your confidence in me, Trustee Peterson, and Trustee Kick. We are looking forward to serving you all again for another term. This team, along with Trustees Cohen and Wienclaw will continue to work together for the good of all of Lake Grove.

We are all looking forward to the redevelopment of our commercial properties with the addition of Wegman’s and Stony Brook Medical to name just a couple. We also have a lot of interest in many of the presently transitioning properties such as the Good Steer property. While there are many developers interested, we must remain cognizant of why Lake Grove voted to become an Incorporated Village back in 1968. Local laws give us more control over what is in the best interest of our community. Architectural review and zoning restrictions help us do just that. This Village board will continue to work to protect the quality of life within our community.

There are also exciting changes coming to Village Hall, thanks to our exceptional Village staff. Without any taxpayer dollars, we will be constructing a 6,000 square foot DPW building. This building will allow us to keep most of our well-maintained fleet out of the elements when not in service. It will also provide our outstanding DPW staff with a new, clean and modern location for their headquarters. We also recently replaced our fifty year old salt/sand shed with a new storage facility and are waiting on grant funds for this project.

We also received a grant of $22,500 for the electrical vehicles purchased for our code officers and building inspectors. These vehicles are charged basically at no cost, as we receive charging power from our rooftop solar panels. An additional grant has also been approved for a new digital sign at Village Hall to display valuable information and upcoming events.

Speaking of events, this year we have decided to turn our very popular Summer Festival into a weekend event, with music Friday and Saturday night at the Memorial park adjoining Village Hall and then a full day of festivities Sunday on Hawkins Avenue and Village Hall. Sunday’s events will include numerous vendors, a full day of music and a car show. We hope to see you all there. The events will take place August 18th-August 20th. These events are provided monetarily; mostly by vendor registration fees and donations provided from our awesome community group L.G.C.A.R.E.S. (Lake Grove Cultural Arts, Recreation and Educations Society).  Please check the website if you are interested in joining or helping the group.

Thank you very much again for your confidence in us and your continued support.

Robert J. Scottaline, Mayor


Joe Scally Representing Lake Grove on World Stage

Congratulations Joe Scally!
Scally, a Lake Grove Village native, was selected to the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team and will compete in the World Cup in Qatar!
The World Cup officially kicks off on November 20, 2022. USA’s first game is Monday 11/21/22 at 2:00p.m (USA vs Wales)
The Lake Grove community is beyond PROUD of his amazing achievement!
Good Luck to the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team!

Lake Grove News Fall 2022 Edition

The latest edition of Lake Grove News is now available!

State of Emergency – February 1, 2021

STATE OF EMERGENCY: Due to the winter storm, the Mayor of Lake Grove Village has issued a State of Emergency beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, February 1, 2021.

All parked vehicles and basketball hoops must be removed from the roads to accommodate plowing efforts.

Thank you for your cooperation with this very important matter and please be safe!

How is our Village Enduring Covid-19?

Our Village, along with most other local levels of government has been dealing with many challenges during this pandemic.  First and foremost is the safety of all.

We have taken all the necessary precautions to protect our staff while trying to maintain as much of a normal daily routine as possible. Early on during this crisis we closed our doors while working staggered shifts at Village Hall and partially from home to allow for adequate social distancing, and always requiring the wearing of masks in the office. Our Department of Public Works employees are not gathering at the start or end of their shifts and do not double up in vehicles.

We do have an employer Covid policy in place and those either testing positive or those with possible contact to a positive case are required to quarantine while by law receiving their regular pay.

With plexiglass in place and mandatory mask requirements for all to protect the public and our staff, we have opened our doors.  We continue to work staggered shifts and from home to minimize the staff on-site while we maintain the necessary work to keep our Village functioning.  We are so proud of our Village employees and their exceptional work ethic. The daily work required to keep the wheels turning seems to be adequate, while each department finds a way to make it happen.

We have gone from doing public meetings on Zoom to holding public meetings in person with chairs no closer than eight feet apart and mandatory mask wearing.

Financially sound

From a budgetary perspective we have experienced significant losses in revenue due to the lack of permit, inspection and engineering fees and the closure of our Village Court at the beginning of this pandemic. The Village Court remains closed. We have not received any trickle-down funds from the County of money they received from the federal government. With that being said, I am happy to report that we will continue to be fiscally sound.  Strategic planning and further tightening of our belts has put us in a position to not only remain under the tax cap this year, but also very likely to result in no tax increase at all.

With our solar panels, conversion to all LED lighting in Village buildings, converting to natural gas and waste oil heaters in our DPW, we have substantially lowered our daily cost of doing business. Newer energy efficient and environmentally friendlier vehicles have also reduced costs. While all of our vehicles have been upgraded over the last few years, we can certainly eliminate any large purchases on equipment this year.

I want to thank everyone working together both at and for our Village for the planning and hard work to help us get through this very difficult time. We are working closely with all levels of local governments within the County to stay informed of all testing and vaccination information. We are on a weekly phone call with all County government officials for any and all updates. My hopes, wishes and prayers are for the safety and well-being for all of us going forward. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Robert (Bob) Scottaline, Mayor

State of Emergency

Due to the impending storm approaching Long Island, the Mayor has issued a State of Emergency beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday December 16.

All parked vehicles and basketball hoops must be removed from the roads to accommodate plowing efforts.

Thank you for your cooperation with this very important matter.