Dear Fellow Lake Grove Residents,

From time to time, I feel it is necessary to roll out a fresh version of a letter such as this. I think it becomes more obvious in the warmer weather when we are all out and about, that not all residents are aware of their recycling responsibility. While we have made great strides over the years and many are very conscientious about recycling, there still is a lot more that we can do.

While jogging or riding my bike throughout the well-groomed areas of our Village, I can’t help but notice the large boxes from appliances or those that arrive from Amazon or other on-line shopping services sitting at the curb on regular household garbage days. When this goes in with the regular household garbage we pay to dispose of it rather than get paid for it, as we do when we recycle.  As you may be aware, the Village has an Inter-municipal agreement with the Town of Brookhaven for single stream (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal cans) recycling. Please check the garbage schedule/recycling calendar for holiday weeks when recycling might be omitted for that week. If you misplaced your calendar, it also can be found on our web page.

Recycling is fiscally and environmentally responsible. If you’re already doing your part, maybe helping to educate a neighbor would be the next best thing.


Many longtime residents might remember a time before this administration, when we would contact the Town of Brookhaven to pick up our old appliances and heavy metals. While the Town is very proficient, it is also very large. The window to pick up these appliances could be days or weeks before a truck would come by. We purchased a lift gate for one of our vehicles approximately twelve years ago to do these pick-ups with our crew (The truck and lift gate have been updated since). The money that we receive in scrap metal goes right back into our budget to help control taxes.

If you have appliances or metal of any size or weight, please contact us before or as soon as you put it out at the curb. Those that drive through communities scavenging for metal create an unsafe state for all. Our vehicles are equipped with DOT required safety lights. Our staff wears all of the proper safety equipment for visibility and personal safety.  We will arrive as soon as possible for the safety of all and for fiscal and environmental responsibility.


While we ask all residents to try to recycle as efficiently as possible, we do practice what we preach. Along with complying with single stream recycling, we also have our garage heated with a waste oil burner. The oil that is removed from our vehicles when they are serviced is then used to heat the garage where the work is being performed.  We also provide electricity to our offices with Solar panels making us one of the most efficient villages on Long Island.

Thank you very much for you continued support.

Robert (Bob) Scottaline, Mayor